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Real-time, non-invasive waveforms provide accurate, reliable information.

Real-time data for enhanced patient management

The HVAD® System offers real-time waveforms during clinical checkups, providing an accurate representation of the relationship between the patient and the pump.

The system allows for non-invasive patient monitoring, showing visible beat-to-beat dynamic pulsatility changes correlating directly with the patent’s hemodynamics.

HVAD waveforms offer consistent flow accuracy based on the patient’s own hematocrit, so clinicians can be confident in their decisions.

Increased visibility leads to actionable insights

An early warning system with precise wattage parameters and customizable alarms for each patient.

HeartWare log files offer clinicians up to a 30-day historical view – including pulsatility – to better understand clinical trends.

A HeartWare team of experts provides 24-hour support and analysis of log files, uncovering insights into the patient’s condition and equipment performance to help:

  • Troubleshoot patient complications.
  • Assess equipment trends.
  • Identify user error that may signal a need for additional training.