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On-Demand Data with Every Patient Visit

Autologs provides on-demand logfile data when it matters most: during the patient’s visit.

Comprehensive logfile data is delivered in seconds, right to your computer, so you can instantly access the data during the clinic visit, instead of hours later, streamlining device management.

Autologs Reports provide in-depth information on VAD parameters, pump performance, battery usage, pulsatility, alarms and events.

  • Gain key insights into your patient’s condition to troubleshoot patient complications and provide on-the-spot information.
  • Monitor the pump’s function and identify any alarms the patient may have logged over the last two weeks.
  • Determine if your patients are not using their equipment properly, which can signal a need for additional training.

Autologs is the latest addition to our industry-leading device management service, providing transparent data as an integral part of the user-friendly HeartWare™ HVAD™ System.

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