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The HVAD System is designed with intuitive peripherals that help VAD centers more efficiently manage their MCS programs and give patients greater mobility.

Autologs™ On-demand Data
Available with Every Patient Visit

Autologs is the latest addition to our industry-leading device management service, providing transparent data as an integral part of the user-friendly HeartWare HVAD System.

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HVAD™ System Controller

Simple to learn system helps patients more easily monitor their condition and pump performance.

  • Lightweight and portable equipment is designed to be user-friendly and allow for greater mobility
  • Plug-and-play connections make changing power sources simple and routine
  • Easy for clinicians to teach patients
  • Customizable alarms and features

Waveforms: Real-time Data for Enhanced Device Management

  • Accurate, reliable and real-time parameters
  • HVAD Waveforms represent the relationship
    between the pump and the patient

Download the new Waveform App on your iPad to start learning.

New waveform paper now available ahead of print:
HVAD Flow Waveform Morphologies: Theoretical Foundation and Implications for Clinical Practice