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Controller 2.0



Our next-generation controller delivers class-leading ease of use, giving your patients greater freedom with fewer battery changes and associated alarms. In addition, it provides easily accessible and actionable data to help you streamline device management.

Controller 2.0 demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement.

What’s new in Controller 2.0?

Smarter use of battery power. Under normal use, Controller 2.0's Smart Battery Management allows patients to go from 8 up to 14 hours before performing a battery exchange, while still providing generous time to exchange power sources.

Easier patient management. Now you can easily view battery cycle counts, waveform amplitude, and pump settings directly from Controller 2.0 – without the need for a monitor.

Upgraded connections. Controller 2.0’s metal connectors are designed to increase wear resistance. They also provide a natural, 12 o’clock orientation to give you and your patients more reliable connections.

Ability to begin recording data…from the beginning. The system begins recording logfile data less than a minute after powering on to support your team’s investigational work.

Controller languages to meet your patients’ needs. You can now customize Controller 2.0 to view data in 13 different languages, allowing you to provide easy-to-understand guidance to even more patients.

VAD Coordinators and Patients Talk about their Experience with Controller 2.0

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